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Police Cadets helped us to regenerate the ‘Secret Garden’ area of the school. Each class has an area for growing plants and vegetables and the nursery use this on a regular basis for outdoor sessions.
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The garden area was ‘revamped’ thanks to a grant from Aberdeenshire’s Enterprise Development Team and a grant from the Buchan Countryside Group. The area now has seven raised flower beds and has been chuckied so that it will be easy for the classe to go across and work on their box.
Why not come along on Saturday 31st May when the SSA Coffee Morning and Car Boot Sale is on and have a look at how the area has been transformed.

Class 3 and the Nursery have been busy planting up their box. The nursery have planted seeds (and there are now signs of shoots appearing) while Class 3 planted a whole array of annuals that will hopefully soon be in full bloom.  Below  are a sample of the photos taken by pupils in Class 3 while they were trying out their green fingers!
The Secret Garden has been transformed since we came back after Easter. Thanks to the work of the Police Cadets and the pupils - especially the pupils in P6 - the area has been totally changed and is looking great. Some classes have even been out planting up their raised flower bed and the competition is on to see who has the first flowers in bloom. So far it looks like Class 3 and the Nursery  are in the lead!
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