Strichen School

Staff Information

Strichen School has a very strong staff who work together to ensure the best possible opportunities for your child or children. 
School Staff 2018-2019         
Teaching Staff
Mr. Jenkins              Head Teacher

Mrs Taylor               Primary 1
Mrs Dunbar             Primary
Mr Buwert               Primary
Mrs. Gibb                 Primary
Mrs McLean            Primary
Miss. Clark               Primary
Mrs Hill                     ASL Teacher
Mr Sinclair               NCCT (Non-Class Contact Time Teacher)

Non-Teaching Staff
Miss Joshi                 Early Years Senior Practitioner
Mrs. Cruickshank  Early Years Lead Practitioner
Mrs. Hendry            Early Years Practitioner
Mrs Ralph                Early Years Practitioner
Miss Parry                Early Years Practitioner
Pupil Support Assistants:
Mrs. Johnston
Mrs. Packham
Mr. Donaldson
Mrs. Henderson
Mrs Gray                  School Administrator
Mr Zacharias           School Janitor
Kitchen Staff:
Mrs. Forman
Mrs. Ross
Mrs. Alexander
Mrs. Shearer
Cleaning Staff:
Mrs. Innes
Mrs. Martin
Mrs. Birnie
School Crossing Supervisor:
Mrs. Beedie