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School Ethos Questionnaire 

In June 2019 we offered all parents and pupils the opportunity to complete our School Ethos Questionnaire. ALL the pupils took part and completed the survey with their class teacher.  Parents were emailed a link to the online questionnaire and we had 28 responses. This amounted to 30% of all families taking part in the survey and accounted for 38% of the total pupil roll.

We would like to thank everyone for taking part. Staff will look at the results and discuss where we might be able to make improvements based on the responses. Pupils on the Pupil Council will look at the pupil responses and will discuss the findings and make suggestions on what cold help improve issues highlighted.

June 2019: Parental Responses


June 2019: Pupil Responses

Collated Pupil Ethos Questionnaire June 2019